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Many NFL fans would pass up a free ticket to watch onTV

The NFL has become increasingly focused on making sure the stadium experience is as rich as possible, because it knows of the powerful lure of big-screen TVs, comfy living room couches and no parking hassles.

Looks like that concern is well placed. A study by Turnkey Intelligence for Sports Business Journal showed that even if tickets were free, 44 percent of casual fans of the NFL and 35 percent of avid fans would rather watch at home.

If presented with the opportunity to buy a ticket, 64 percent of casual fans would rather stay home, as would 55 percent of avid fans.

(When offered free tickets, NBA fans were more apt to opt for the in-person experience than were NFL fans.)

The latest issue of SBJ offered a blizzard of interesting fan-attitude data.

Here's another one: The NHL's young male fan base has been on the rise at the same time NASCAR's has been in steep decline.

A recent ESPN Sports Poll showed 12.3 percent of males 18 to 34 consider themselves avid fans of the NHL compared to 12.2 for NASCAR.

Last post of the day. I have a newspaper feature to write.

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