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McCarver laments Jeter 'venom'

Baseball announcer Tim McCarver called the Mets' financial

Baseball announcer Tim McCarver called the Mets' financial situation "deplorable." Credit: AP

Back in March, Fox analyst Tim McCarver, who will work his record 20th All-Star Game on Tuesday, said it would be difficult for the Mets to perform under their cloud of financial troubles, and it would be difficult for SNY's announcers to handle, too.

So what does he think of them now?

"I think for the players to get all of your thinking on what's going on on the field is the most difficult thing under those circumstances, as I said a couple of months ago," McCarver said Wednesday. "That's why I'm surprised how well the Mets have done. They're a feisty, gritty team and I think it's certainly a reflection on their manager."

What about SNY's guys? "They've dealt with it beautifully," he said. "I knew they would, but I raised that question because I know if I were an announcer of the Mets, I'd have had to do some thinking about how to present it to your fan base in an objective fashion."

As for the Yankees, McCarver said he was "surprised at the venom" directed at Derek Jeter during his fitful march toward 3,000 hits.

"It's a strange phenomenon; I don't understand it," he said. "Not with what the guy's track record has been with this team."

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