51° Good Afternoon
51° Good Afternoon


Newsday scribes were out in force at the Garden Wednesday to check out the new, temporary media work room on the third floor.

I kind of liked it, actually. Had a nice roast beef sandwich and got to see a lot of my long-time New York-area media pals.

Also wrote a column - my fourth about the Knicks in three days! - as part of our comprehensive coverage of 'Melo's big night.

My two favorite moments:

1. Talking to Walt Frazier about his tiger-patterned jacket - the one I wrote two weeks ago that he was planning to wear for the Lakers game, only to turn on the TV and see that he wasn't. (It was an unfortunate tailoring delay.)

2. Plainview's own Jill Martin interviewing Carmelo Anthony's wife, La La Vazquez, over the p.a. system at halftime, with the silenced Garden paying rapt attention, as 'Melo and his teammates warmed up for the second half while listening to Mrs. 'Melo describe her husband's cooking acumen.

I'm currently awaiting the official ratings from the MSG coverage of the game, but I already know they are going to shatter the 4.76% of homes MJ attracted when he visited the Garden with the Wizards on Oct. 30, 2001.

That was the best MSG figure for the 2000s. 

Oh, I also thought it was cool when they played that video to Skylar Grey's "Coming Home" to welcome 'Melo back home to . . . Baltimore? Sorry, I mean New York.

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