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Messier, uncool? Say it ain't so!

GQ did a pretty cool job in its most recent issue of naming its 25 coolest athletes of all time.

There is not a direct link to the entire list on the magazine's website, but USA Today put one together here.

(I am a subscriber to the magazine, due to my status as one of the 25 coolest sports media writers in America, and can attest that it was a well-put-together feature.)

There are some picks that are inspired, led by my favorite soccer player, George Best.

And others that are questionable: Bjorn Borg, Derek Sanderson, Tim Lincecum.

Perhaps the most glaring absence is Mark Messier.

Then there's Tom Brady. Sure, I get the stuff about the good looks and the Super Bowl rings and the supermodel wife, but . . . Tom Brady?

No. I cannot accept that. Not with that hair.

I'd rather have Justin Bieber on the list.

Speaking of GQ, here is an interesting Q&A with ESPN's Erin Andrews from last month, and here is an interview with Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio that contains some material for mature readers only. Two words: Sterger and Favre.

I had a nice chat about the Daulerio story with A.J.'s predecessor, Will Leitch, in the Heinz Field press lounge Sunday. I wasn't taking notes so I'm going to assume it was a friendly, off-the-record discussion.

Anyway, nice to see Mr. Leitch again. He had just driven in from New York on a bus full of Jets fans.


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