Good Morning
Good Morning

Michael Jordan is more popular than Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant

Here is my Tuesday newspaper mishmash, leading with an item that casts a new light on last week's report that Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods were tied as the most popular male athletes in America.

There also is news of a "Caddyshack" celebration on WGBB Tuesday night and a couple of other items that already have appeared on the blog.

Here is Newsday's followup on Sunday's disturbing ESPN report about unsavory doings among stadium and arena food vendors. (Not Nassau Coliseum's, though.)

In no way am I discounting the newsworthiness of this subject, nor am I diminishing the journalistic efforts of ESPN in reporting this story, but . . . some perspective:

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is par for the course when it comes to any sort of large-scale food operation.

For decades, reports of yucky behind-the-scenes stuff at restaurants has been a staple of local TV news during sweeps months.

It's easy pickings, really, as anyone who has worked in the food service business could tell you.

Once you leave your own kitchen, you're taking your chances with mouse droppings and all of the other standard hazards of mass food preparation.

What's the solution? Same as it's always been: brown bag, two slices of bread, smooth peanut butter, grape jelly.

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