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Michael Kay walks tightrope

Here is an item I wrote for the Friday paper about the ongoing strangeness of Michael Kay being both a sports talk radio host and the TV voice of the Yankees:

Kay calls it the “tightrope’’ he walks in dual roles as a sports talk host on 1050 ESPN and the Yankees play-by-play man for YES.

Most of the time, he keeps his balance. At others, he teeters awkwardly.

Take Wednesday. On the radio, he sharply criticized Mark Teixeira for taking a second day off after the birth of his child. It was a bold stance, but fair game for a talk show.

So what would Kay say on YES that night? Reiterate his opinion? At least bring up the topic and ask analyst Ken Singleton for his opinion?

Other than reporting the news Teixeira was out . . . nothing. Why?

“The game was too good and I didn’t think that was the right venue,’’ Kay wrote in an e-mail.

That's where the newspaper item ended. What I didn't have room to add was that Kay's explanation is a little silly, given that the Rangers led 6-1 midway through the game and there was ample opportunity to bring up Tex's absence.

Teixeira was asked before Thursday night's game in Kansas City about missing the two games and said this:

"That's automatic (to be there). I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I missed my child's birth or if anything happened. There's no question in my mind.

"I talked with Joe and Cash beforehand, months ago and said, this is the deal, this is what's going to happen. If it happens to be when we're on the road I may need to miss a couple games, and they were obviously great with it."

Tex was not asked specifically about Kay's comments, but let's put it this way: Their next conversation in the locker room or on the team plane should be mighty interesting.

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