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MIchael Strahan having fun in new role as pregame host on 'Fox NFL Thursday'

Michael Strahan on the Fox NFL Sunday set.

Michael Strahan on the Fox NFL Sunday set. Credit: Fox Sports

Michael Strahan has hosted the “Fox NFL Thursday” pregame show live from Manhattan in front of fans for a few weeks now. This Thursday night may present his biggest challenge. With the Giants and Eagles playing in the game – and really playing for their chances to remain in the hunt for the division title – the intensity should be high.

“I know this Thursday is gonna be crazy,” Strahan said. “We always tell the fans when we go out there, ‘You can cheer and scream and yell at each other, but we’re all too old to break up fights, so no fighting!’”

Fans who want to attend the live broadcast can just show up at FOX Plaza on the corner of Sixth and 48th in Manhattan. The show begins at 7:30 p.m., but it’s a good idea to get there early.

“It’s fun, man,” Strahan said of the experience. “It’s something new for all of us. We didn’t know what it would be like especially in New York City and me hosting with just Terry [Bradshaw] and Howie [Long]. It’s been a lot of fun and we enjoy it being able to be outside and amongst the fans. It’s not like people show up just as fans of the Giants and Jets because we’re in New York, we have fans who show up from every team in the league.”

Strahan, of course, has more concurrent jobs than just about anyone else in show business. Having this one in New York helps since he doesn’t have to travel. Being part of Fox’s pregame show on Sundays does require him to fly to Los Angeles, but he said that’s actually a perk more than an impediment.

“To be honest I look forward to the travel,” he said. “It truly is the one time when I’m shut off. I have my phone and all that stuff, internet, and if I need to make a call I can make a call. But I don’t. I watch movies, I sleep, and I just detach from the world which is rare. I actually love going back to L.A. every weekend. And when the weather is cold and horrible in New York I’m going to California where there’s a pretty good chance on the weekends I’m gonna be happy with the weather.”

Strahan said he’s happy he can still be part of the sport while pursuing his other interests and jobs.

“I didn’t realize how good it was to be involved in football and not be involved in a way that gets you beat up,” he said. “Had I known it was gonna be this good I probably would have retired before I did.”

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