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Michelle Beadle laments fake dead girlfriend who got away

Michelle Beadle co-hosts

Michelle Beadle co-hosts "The Crossover" TV show on NBC Sports. Credit: NBC Sports Group

As Michelle Beadle noted, "The last two, three weeks have been gifts from the sports gods."

So they have been  - from Katherine Webb to Manti Te'o to Lance Armstrong and beyond - if you are co-hosting a cable show whose aim is to blend sports, pop culture, social media and personality.

Problem is, "The Crossover," on NBC Sports Network is not set to premiere until Monday. (It will originate from New Orleans next week, then from Manhattan after the Super Bowl, at 6 p.m. weekdays.)

"I'm just hoping that they have some more stories left in them come Monday," Beadle said, "because man, if I can get another dead, fake girlfriend who died of cancer out of this world, I think that we’re all winning."

Said co-host Dave Briggs, a former Fox News host, "It has been very difficult this last week to 10 days to not have the show airing. There's certainly no shortage of stories that are perfect for us. I wish we had Manti Te'o. But there is another fake girl just around the corner."

That is the sort of sassiness NBCSN wants as it attempts to break through the sports chat clutter. It will not be easy.

"It's about personality. It's about people you want to spend time with," producer Sam Flood said. "It's the people you want to be at the bar and hang out with, and these are the two people that you want to do that with."

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