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Mike Francesa’s return to No. 1 in May ratings doesn’t surprise Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo

Mike Francesa, left, and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo

Mike Francesa, left, and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo attend the after-party for "30 For 30: Mike & The Mad Dog" during 2017 Tribeca/ESPN Film Festival at White Street on April 21, 2017. Credit: Getty Images for 2017 Tribeca Film Festival / Noam Galai

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo said he was not surprised by the news that his old WFAN partner, Mike Francesa, had rated first in the market among men ages 25-54 in his first month back after a four-month hiatus.

“Nothing would surprise me about Mike,” Russo said on Tuesday before his SiriusXM Satellite Radio show, which he did from Shinnecock Hills in advance of SiriusXM’s hole-by-hole coverage.

“I knew he has a big audience. I was definitely surprised he came back. As far as Mike being No 1 in May . . . He’s been into it. The shorter show I think helps him, 3 to 6:30 p.m. I know. I do three hours now. It’s much better. It’s easier.

“But you can’t be surprised. The Yankees playing well, he’s into it, he’s got a loyal audience, he’s peppy. You can’t be surprised, so I guess I’m not. I was surprised when he came back. It think he’s here for a while, another couple of years. I don’t get the sense he’s going to quit tomorrow. I think another two or three years.

“ Mike’s going to have a huge fall, big fall. It will be interesting to see that battle with him and [ESPN New York’s Michael] Kay. I think Mike’s in good shape.”

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