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Mike Francesa confronts Ben McAdoo over Odell Beckham Jr.

Mike Francesa hosts his Football Sunday WFAN

Mike Francesa hosts his Football Sunday WFAN radio show from Mulcahy's on Sept. 13, 2015. Photo Credit: Steve Pfost

Ben McAdoo and Mike Francesa took part in a fiery back-and-forth during the Giants coach’s weekly interview on WFAN on Thursday evening. The topic of contention, naturally, was Odell Beckham Jr.

McAdoo clearly has reached the end of his patience when it comes to discussing Beckham’s meltdowns. “We need to focus on team football” or “We’re focused on Green Bay” were said repeatedly when pressed by Mike Francesa on how he has handled the hot-headed receiver, but there were a few times when McAdoo responded to the actual subject.

“Listen, this goes for any player in the game, it goes back to being physical and beating the man across from you on the line of scrimmage,” McAdoo said. “To ask a player to go out and play the game nicely isn’t going to cut it. It’s an insult to every player and every coach in the history that are involved in the game. Now we have to play within the rules and we have to be smart, but it is a physical man’s game regardless of any position that you play.”

Francesa asked if McAdoo thinks he has Beckham under control; McAdoo said he is focused on winning in Green Bay.

“I think you guys are doing a lousy job with him,” Francesa said, comparing the situation to the tenure of tight end Jeremy Shockey that eventually spoiled. “I don’t think you’re getting him better. He’s out of control in these games. He was out of control the other night.”

McAdoo disputed that Beckham was “out of control” and pointed out that the flag for taunting came from 30 yards down the field and not from either of the two officials immediately involved in the play with Xavier Rhodes and its aftermath.

“I’m going to gather that you condone his behavior,” Francesa said.

“If you’re willing to put words into my mouth, then you can put words in my mouth,” McAdoo replied.

Francesa then moved on to other Giants matters.

“We’re not getting anywhere with this,” he said.

McAdoo refuted a report that Giants coaches will bench or even suspend Beckham if his on-field behavior does not improve.

“That’s news to me,” McAdoo said in his weekly interview on WFAN. “That did not come from me. It would have to come from my mouth, and it’s not something that came from my mouth.

“I’ve got this young man’s back,” he added.


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