Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Mike Francesa explores his Super Bowl goodie bag

WFAN long-time radio host Mike Francesa on June

WFAN long-time radio host Mike Francesa on June 19, 2012. Credit: Craig Ruttle

Good thing Mike Francesa's YES Network simulcast will last until Super Bowl Sunday before he departs for other, as yet undetermined, TV lands, because Tuesday provided a classic bit of theater.

The occasion was Mike opening the goodie bag that will be given to fans who attend the big game in person, complete with hat, earmuffs, gloves, towel and handwarmer.

Francesa explored it all with a sense of humor, which naturally caused a Twitter stir. He also acknowledged the awkwardness of a show-and-tell for what is primarily a radio show, saying as he turned his towel into a headband, "I know this is better on YES than it is on the FAN, but it still works. Don't worry."

After trying and failing to get the earmuffs on, he reminded listeners/viewers he never wears anything on his head. Why?

"If you had hair like mine you wouldn't cover up your hair either."

Upon an examining an item that promoted the Fox sitcom "New Girl," Francesa said, "New Girl. That's a show on Fox that I wouldn't watch if you paid me." He then said he hasn't watched a sitcom in years.

Anyway, it was high comedy. Later things got more serious when Francesa had on NFL EVP Eric Grubman to discuss contingencies for weather such as the snowstorm that hit the area on Tuesday.

The game could be moved to an earlier or later day than Feb. 2, or by a few hours on Feb. 2 itself. Or not. Stay tuned.

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