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Mike Francesa finds Nemo criticism all wet

Mike Francesa said on the air that his

Mike Francesa said on the air that his contract expires shortly after the 2014 Super Bowl, and indicated that he will "have a decision to make." Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Mike Francesa opened his Monday WFAN show taking issue with a story in Sunday’s Daily News about Mike seeming to downplay the coming snowstorm during his show Thursday.

(WFAN teammates Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton took joking on-air pokes at Mike about his original comments on both their Friday and Monday morning shows.)

So what exactly did Francesa say Monday? That’s what I’m here for! Here ya go:

“Usually I don’t get into this stuff, but two weeks ago there was this ridiculous story about me getting a police escort to the airport, which I had to open Monday’s show with, which was totally a lie. And then this story which I happened on yesterday in a different part of the Daily News in whatever that two-section thing is they run on Sunday where they usually put half-naked girls in there to try to get you to look at it that I, on Thursday, because Friday I was up at Mohegan Sun, in what was a terrible storm up there – my God, we had so much snow it was ridiculous and unfortunately the charity event got cancelled, and rightly so, because up there they got a tremendous amount of snow – but, the point was, and this is my only premise, why I even bring it up, the point was that they started a headline saying that I had predicted there would be no snowstorm and there was this huge Nor’easter.

“I didn’t predict anything. I never made any, any prediction about any snowstorm, OK? What we opened up the show talking about on Thursday was, we were talking about how weathermen and the art of forecasting on television shoot for the worst, give you the worst possible scenario. They’ve told you the worst and you hope for the best. That was the point of it: Sometimes you get a lot of snow, sometimes you don’t get a lot of snow. Who knows? The point was, who knows? Not that I knew. I never told you how much snow was coming. I never once predicted how much snow was coming. So this idea that I made this huge prediction about how there was not going to be a big snowstorm is a total lie. It’s a total fabrication. I never made any prediction. I was talking about the great unknown of these storms. And as this storm would show you, there was great unknown in this storm.

“Because right after that I got a phone call from a guy who said, What are you talking about? There is going to be this massive blizzard in New York, which we know we did not get in New York but we did get up in Boston and up in northern Connecticut where they got 30 inches of snow. But my point was I never said one word about predicting snowstorms. I never said one thing about, I knew. I wouldn’t know an isobar from an icicle. So I never said one thing about what was coming. What I gave you when I got off that phone call at 1:20 was the U.S. weather forecast up to the minute, which I read four times during the show on Thursday. Four times I read the U.S. weather bulletin, when it came over. I went back and checked. I read it at 1:20, it was 4-to-8. I read it at 2, it was 5-to-9. This is for New York and the metropolitan area. And I read it at 3 o’clock and it was 6-to-10. And then I gave you one at 5 o’clock in which they were predicting a blizzard for New York City and area of 11-to-14 with maybe much more.

“Now as it turned out, as you know, depending where you were you got greatly different amounts of snow. Like where I live we got 11 inches. New York City got anywhere from 8 to 11. Jersey got, depending where you live, from a little to a lot. And then amazingly in a little section of Smithtown area if you’re out there there was this band that came through that dumped like 2 ½ feet, from a little path of Suffolk County. Not a lot at the end, not in Nassau, comparatively. We had 11 ½ inches. But they had like 3 feet or 2 ½ feet in a little band that went through Smithtown and that area, which closed the LIE from like the 50s to the high 60s. So it really depended on where you were.

“But here’s the only point I’m making: I read the U.S. weather forecast four times on the show. I never made a prediction. So they can apologize when they want, because I never, ever made any prediction. You know what happened? They didn’t have a storm to write so they created a story to put on the top of the page. They put a story about me making predictions about the weather, which I never did. If I did, I’d say it. I never made one prediction ever. And it wasn’t even close. You get lost in the story. It was just absolute, total fabrication. Not one word of it was true. But I’m not wasting any more time on that.”

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