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Mike Francesa's Super Bowl trivia contest goes into overtime as fans fumble for answers

Mike Francesa at his home in Manhasset on

Mike Francesa at his home in Manhasset on Thursday, March 13, 2014. Credit: Chris Ware

Mike Francesa's annual Super Bowl trivia contest on WFAN took a bizarre turn early Friday evening when after hours spent trying to give away his fifth and final trip to the big game - and staying more than 30 minutes late on his wife's birthday in an attempt to do so - he finally threw in the towel.

At 7:03 p.m., Francesa left the studio, where he already had kept night-time host Steve Somers waiting since 6:30, and said station operations manager Mark Chernoff would have to figure out how to handle the matter this weekend.

Francesa is scheduled to appear at FrancesaCon Two in Manhattan Saturday afternoon, but it is unlikely the fifth package for the big game will be given away there. The event already has a Super Bowl ticket package to give away. Presumably the final winner will be determined on the station itself sometime Saturday morning.

The long slog to a lack of conclusion grew increasingly comical as one caller after another fell short - many by giving amusingly off-base answers - as Francesa expressed his exasperation.

At one point he said, "This is unbelievable. My wife's birthday and I'm here a half-hour late."

Earlier a caller had joked, "If I win this contest I'm paying for Julio's overtime," a reference to Mike's driver.

As the clock ticked past 6:30 and Francesa apologized profusely to Somers, the longtime afternoon host said, "The Super Bowl might be played before we give this away."

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