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Mike Francesa to join Twitter on Friday

Mike Francesa at Madison Square Garden on March

Mike Francesa at Madison Square Garden on March 8. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Mike Francesa is joining Twitter.

Francesa said during Wednesday’s show that he will activate his own personal account at the end of the week.

“I’ve been talked into it by some folks,” Francesa said, adding that he’ll activate his account “late in the day on Friday.”

Francesa, who returned to WFAN earlier this month following his initial December departure, said that @mikeson, which was created when the show restarted, was a general account to promote the show and the yet-to-be-released companion app.

“If it’s under the show, if it’s under Mike’s On, it could be just somebody giving you a program note. That might not be me,” he said. “But if it’s on the Twitter with my name on it, which will be opened on Friday, it will be me and nobody else.”

Francesa also said that his app is on track for a mid-August launch. “Everything is right on time with that,” he said.

Francesa also commented on the recent news about @BackAftaThis, a popular Francesa-centric account that announced it would no longer post WFAN audio clips after being accused of copyright infringement. @BackAftaThis posted a letter on his feed in which he shared the name of the person who reported the postings of copyrighted material to Twitter.

“We had nothing to do with that, I wasn’t even aware that it even happened, I don’t pay attention to that stuff,” he said. “But Entercom was well within their bounds. That’s how they want to handle the content. And for those out there who are followers or are looking for our stuff, we’ll make it very available to you, so don’t worry about that. And [Entercom is] well within their rights to do what they did.”

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