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'Mike/Mad Dog,' YES, Imus top NY sports media stories of 2000s

Well, lookee here. My 2000s in review series is back after a brief hiatus, and with only three days left to spare!

This time it's a subject in which I actually have some expertise: famous media moments and developments.

There was way too much to choose from. Among the goodies left on the cutting room floor were Stephon Marbury's infamous interview with Bruce Beck in the summer of 2007, Larry Brown calling himself a "dead man walking" after reporters flagged down his car at a stop light to talk to him and the launch of 1050 ESPN radio - a week before 9/11.

I could easily have done a top 25, and they might even have had the space to let me if the Jets hadn't decided to remain in playoff contention into the 2010s.

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