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Mike Tyson felt like kicking Walters, Givens in the head

(Iron) Mike Tyson is in vintage, wacky form on the YES "CenterStage" episode that premieres after Wednesday night's Yankees postgame.

(BTW, the resumed game from Tuesday will be on Channel 9. The regular game is on YES.)

Tyson discusses Cus D'Amato's influence, Evander Holyfield's ear, being a vegan and why he considers the Buster Douglas fight his best ever because of how he took his beating.

Here he is on the best advice he ever has been given:

"Old too fast, smart too late."

Here he is (in a transcript sent by YES) discussing with Michael Kay his stormy marriage to Robin Givens and the infamous interview Barbara Walters conducted with the couple on national TV:

Kay: Now that year you, uh, marry a rather formidable opponent in her own right, Robin Givens. What drew you to Robin?

Tyson: I don’t know, I was just a young kid... I thought this, um, woman was something special. You know? But, um, no one’s special, we’re all the same.

Kay: Now, you know, during that time, you have a, the Barbara Walters interview with Robin Givens, and she’s saying things that, and you were just sitting there, and like, America is watching, going, why isn't he getting mad?

Tyson: I don’t know. I wanted to get mad, but I was just so infatuated and in love. But I really thought about it, I said, wow, it would be good if I just did something drastic or something, but I, I don’t know. I feel like kicking them (Givens and Walters) in the head. I feel like socking them. This is how I felt.

Kay: Right.

Tyson: OK, so now I feel this way, and I didn't perform that act, but I'm still a scoundrel. But the fact is that I’ve been married to this woman in 1988 or ’87, I was married to her, and she still benefits and gets time for just mentioning my name. Am I the only guy that, that assaulted her or offend her when she had her relationship…how come she always bring up my name? “Well Mike did this” — If I did then, I did it 15, 20 years ago, I’m sorry, I’ve maybe changed a little bit if you don’t push me too wrong, but I’m sorry, okay?
Leave me alone; is this a witch hunt?

Kay: All right now and, you divorced Givens in ‘89—

Tyson: She’d come back with this too, or comment on that ‘cause she can’t keep — People that, see the television’s a…a narcotic and people get into television, this is what they wanna do, see how pretty they look and how grand they are. We think we’re

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