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MLB brings back Fan Cave

Friday afternoon potpourri:

The MLB Fan Cave, which I visited in June, will be back in 2012, at the same lower Manhattan location, the site of the old Tower Records store on Broadway.

But this time there will be a new twist: Rather than picking two fans to spend the entire season watching every game, multiple participants will begin, then be eliminated gradually, "Survivor" style throughout the summer.

A couple of interesting takes on Howard Cosell from my counterparts on the sports business and media beat:

Richard Sandomir of The Times with a review here of a new book about Cosell, and Phil Mushnick of the Post here with a personal take on the man.

Here is a thought-provoking, mostly right-on piece on the death of the sports interview, thanks mostly to overly formal settings designed to protect athletes and also to provide TV-friendly content for teams' media partners.

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