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MLB previews NHK's new 8K Super Hi-Vision telecast at Yankee Stadium

A truck broadcasting NHK's 8K Super-Hi-Vision is seen

A truck broadcasting NHK's 8K Super-Hi-Vision is seen at Yankee Stadium on July 17, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Neil Best

NHK and MLB joined forces Friday night for the first-ever telecast of a major league game in 8K Super Hi-Vision, the latest technological enhancement to our sports-viewing pleasure.

For now, though, the audience was limited to an invitation-only group in a suite at Yankee Stadium, where it was evident on an 85-inch screen how sharp sharpness can get.

It probably will not be until around 2020 - in time for the Tokyo Olympics - that the Japanese company's new-look TV picture will be widely available.

The promotional material said 8K offers 33 million pixels, 16 times that of HDTV (2K). So, what's next after that? Nothing, according to Hiroyuki Nishizawa, executive chief engineer for NHK CosmoMedia America.

"My personal understanding is that 8K qualities of resolution is the ultimate number for humans," he said. "We have a limitation of what we can notice. This is the final for picture quality."

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