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More on Steve Phillips' 'Today' visit

Steve Phillips is to sit for his first interview since being fired as an ESPN baseball analyst when he appears on NBC’s “Today" Monday.

Matt Lauer is scheduled to interview Phillips during the show’s 7 to 8 a.m. hour about the affair with a production assistant last year that led to the end of his ESPN tenure.

Phillips spent 45 days for treatment of sex addiction in the same Mississippi clinic Tiger Woods reportedly has visited. But Phillips left before Christmas, before Woods would have been in residence, and he is not expected to provide any firsthand knowledge of Woods’ presence.

The former Mets general manager hopes to return to sports television. “He knows if he wants to get back in the business, he has to talk, he has to face the media,’’ said Phillips’ agent, Steve Lefkowitz.

Lefkowitz said Phillips waited until now to speak publicly because previously he “didn’t have time’’ as he continued therapy after leaving Mississippi. “The most important thing is that he be with his family,” the agent said.

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