Good Morning
Good Morning

NBA Finals finally to begin Thurs

I asked Jeff Van Gundy on the ESPN/ABC call to preview the NBA Finals whether every year that goes by makes him think of himself more as a TV analyst than a coach.

JVG said broadcasting, like coaching, is too fickle of a business to look too far ahead.

"To assume in coaching or broadcasting that things won't change I think is to make a mistake," he said. "I don't spend any time thinking about what's next . . . Realizing that change is a big part of pro sports and also broadcasting you have to be ready to adjust and adapt when circumstances dictate."

Van Gundy said he still thinks of himself as a coach who is broadcasting rather than as a "true broadcaster."

Asked to assess his TV work, he called himself "a one-dimensional spot-up shooter" who relies on setups by point guard Mike Breen.

"I stand behind the three-point line and hope to get some open looks," he said.

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