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NBC broadcast was peculiar

Congratulations to Bob Glauber for correctly predicting the exact score of Jets vs. Bengals in our Friday preview section, in which all 10 Newsday staffers picked a Jets victory.

Glauber did not fare quite as well in the regular-season predictions standings compiled by, in which he finished 30th of 72.

First place went to Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead blog. Last place went to former Newsday Giants beat writer Peter King of SI.

What did I think of NBC's makeshift booth of Tom Hammond, Joe Gibbs and Joe Theismann?

That it sounded makeshift.

NBC might have been better off having only Theismann join Hammond.

Even under the best of circumstances, a three-man booth is difficult to pull off - let alone in a circumstance in which a trio never has worked together and one of the members (Gibbs) has very little game analysis experience.

Gibbs was a tad too enamored of tying current events into references to the distant past, and of forcing good-natured joshing with Theismann.

The booth team made several errors of omission, but the strangest boo-boo was Theismann mixing up Mark Sanchez and Brad Smith on the Jets' lone TD pass.

Hammond confused Theismann by initially saying Smith was under center, but unlike Theismann he corrected himself.

Tiki Barber was the sideline reporter. His contract is up with NBC Sports, and while he enjoys his current, limited role on the network's football coverage and would be open to continuing in it, it is more likely the sports division will move on without him.

Barber did recently re-sign with NBC News.

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