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New Meadowlands Stadium opens to public for lax tripleheader

I now can say I covered the last media event in Giants Stadium and the first event at New Meadowlands Stadium.

(Memo to future Newsday sports editor: I won't be available when they tear down the new place in 40 years. I'll be busy with my retirement projects - catching up on old "Simpsons" episodes and playing first base in a 90-and-over softball league.)

Despite some understandable confusion and frustration among stadium workers and fans, the new yard had a good first day and should be ready when it really counts Sept. 12 and 13.

Less than 24 hours after New Meadowlands Stadium opened, a venerable old football stadium was reduced to rubble and dust.

Circle of life.

Enjoy Rangers-Flyers at 3 p.m. on MSG. This is the 35th anniversary of J.P. Parise's overtime goal that eliminated the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs.

Bad omen?

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