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Newsday at home w/Alomar

Good morning, WatchDog Nation. Interesting past 12 hours.

It's not every day Cornell basketball both shows up on Googe Trends and leads the late SportsCenter. But enough about the Kansas game. Now it's on to South Dakota Friday night.

Wait . . . South Dakota? Yup, apparently so.

Here is the newspaper version of my story on David Cone leaving YES.

Here is Ken Davidoff's story on Roberto Alomar's HoF disappointment, direct from Alomar's Queens home.

Here is a roundup of Rex Ryan's best quotes of 2009-10.

Here is a report of a suicide attempt by comedian Artie Lange.

Here is a story from the latest front in the TV distribution silliness wars.

Tennis Channel is complaining to the FCC that Comcast won't move it from a modestly subscribed sports tier to the more widely available level where one can find Versus and the Golf Channel.

Why are Versus and the Golf Channel treated differently? Duh, because Comcast owns them.

Official WatchDog take: Tennis Channel belongs on a sports tier so those who are uninterested in it don't have to pay for it. But so do Versus and the Golf Channel - and many other channels that have bloated basic cable . . .  and basic cable bills.

(Newsday is owned by Cablevision, which had a similar spat with Tennis Channel last year that resulted in the channel ending up on a sports tier.)

The current basic cable model is akin to a system in which the local mall charges the same price for a family of six to do all of its Christmas shopping as it charges a guy coming in for a pair of socks.

Photo: Chris Eckert

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