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Good Evening

Newsday had a near-exclusive with John Starks after Game 7 in '94

Yup, I was at Game 7 in '94. Only it was the wrong one, the one in Houston, not the one the Rangers won at the Garden.

Here is my most enduring memory of that night:

After John Starks' infamous 2-for-18 shooting night - 0-for-11 on three-pointers, no worse than I would have done! - reporters waited in vain for him to come out of the showers.

Finally, most of them left, what with having to file stories on deadline for their newspapers. But Newsday's latest deadline was so ridiculously early that our Knicks beat writer, David Steele, and I were able to finish writing and get back to the locker room before it closed.

Sure enough, about an hour after the game, Starks finally emerged from the shower and talked to the handful of broadcast and print journalists still loitering there - including two from Newsday.

So we had an exclusive . . . and nowhere to put it until the following day's newspaper.

(Use of the Internet was less widespread then than it is now.)

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