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NFL Films’ Ed Sabol is Hall worthy

ED SABOL, founder of NFL Films Thanks to

ED SABOL, founder of NFL Films
Thanks to Ed Sabol, the history of the NFL will be preserved forever. Sabol co-founded NFL Films with his son Steve, among others, in 1964. NFL Films developed into an award-winning genre of filmmaking, receiving 91 television Emmy awards and numerous international awards. In 1995, he officially retired from NFL Films in his role as President and Chairman.
Credit: NFL/Al Messerschmidt Archive

Voters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame face a difficult task Saturday, including a deep class of first-year finalists that features Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Jerome Bettis and Curtis Martin.

Worthy candidates all. But as great as they were, none had more impact on the game than another man up for election, one who never played or coached or even worked for an NFL team.

Ed Sabol, 94, did as much as anyone to turn the NFL into the most successful sports enterprise in the United States as a founder of NFL Films.

The company has been mythologizing the league and its players since the Giants and Packers met for the championship in 1962, and continues to do so under Ed’s son, Steve.

The “contributor’’ category is a little murky, and some voters are unsure how Sabol fits in. But by any definition, he has contributed profoundly and deserves the honor.

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