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No on no-no for MLB Network

I really need to start watching "Dancing With the Stars."

On to golf: John Ourand of SBJ reports that the median age for viewers of the first two rounds of the Masters on ESPN was . . . 57.8!

Oh, my. Maybe old people are more drawn to sex scandals than young people.

Meanwhile, on WFAN . . .

Mike Francesa was just talking about how the Yankees claim 90 percent of the seats in the Legends Suite are sold, yet empty seats behind home plate still persist on TV.

How is this possible? Simple. Like most modern stadiums and arenas, Yankee Stadium does all it can to pull people out of their seats to eat, drink and buy stuff elsewhere.

In this case, the food and drinks come free with the pricey ticket, so many of those seats are sold, but the people who bought them are in the club under the stadium - not watching the game in person.

In a baseball matter . . .

The good news for the MLB Network is people already are conditioned to check there first for live cut-ins of important moments, such last season for Mark Buehrle's perfect game.

The bad news is the network did not offer a cut-in to its live game coverage Saturday night to catch Ubaldo Jimenez's no-no for the Rockies.

I was told the problem was that unlike the Buerhle situation and others, when the network happened to be in taped programming or a studio show, this time it was handling two live games, adding to the complexity.

The needed technical maneuvers to get out of those games and to the Rockies were not in place, preventing a timely cut-in.

The network has discussed the matter and plans to be able to offer live coverage the next time this sort of thing happens.

In another baseball matter . . . 

ESPN is headed for its second of three consecutive Sundays featuring Our Mets.

Why load up on Mets games early in the season? Why not?

ESPN is saving some of its Yankees quota for later in the season, when the Bombers surely will be in contention and the Amazin's might well not be. 

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