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Good Morning

Noah Murphy visits Tower of Babble

My father was born 94 years ago Saturday, so presumably he would have understood and perhaps agreed with the critics of Daniel Murphy’s brief paternity leave from the Mets this week.

In fairness, though, he died in 1967, so he missed a half-century of cultural evolution on this topic. The rest of us should know better by now.

But all seems fair in the worlds of social media and talk radio, and so it came to pass that in the first days of Noah Murphy he got caught up in a biblical flood of opinion and debate.

Sometimes things go too far – as when WFAN host Boomer Esiason suggested a Caesarian section of convenience and two days later offered a profuse on-air apology to the Murphy family.

The rest of it was just something else to babble about until the next shiny media object came along. Welcome to America, Noah!

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