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Noon hoops on Xmas? Humbug!

Here is my annual column complaining about the NBA and ESPN having the Knicks play at the Garden at noon on Christmas Day.

And here is a little something extra I wrote about how Fox handled the fateful final moments of Sunday's Giants collapse.

So that took care of my hoops and football duties for the week, allowing me to move on to a breakfast Tuesday morning at the NHL's offices with Gary Bettman, Bob Costas, Mike Milbury, Brendan Shanahan and other NHL and NBC luminaries.

The occasion was a preview of next weekend's Winter Classic between the Capitals and Penguins in Pittsburgh.

Afterward I went to the NHL Store downstairs and bought a Kansas City Scouts hat for $20 as a present to myself. Why? Why not?

Then I ran into a trio of local hockey media mavens at the store: John Giannone, Billy Jaffe and Dave Starman.

Jaffe told me he is busy/happy in his post-Islanders life.

As you might recall, MSG was poised to sign Jaffe to a new deal before the current season but the Islanders put a stop to it for reasons that have not been fully explained.


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