Sorry for lack of blogging today.

I was in Manhattan this morning for a meeting with officials from the Swedish company that produces our blogging platform, during which I joined other Newsday officials in helpfully pointing out ways in which they can improve the service.

Then I walked through Times Square to Penn Station, less than an hour before the place went into partial lockdown mode due to a bomb scare.

Once there I ran into Buddy (Cake Boss) Valastro, who was making an appearance of some sort, and took his picture with my cell phone.

Then I came home and started reading up on what I had missed during the day.

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For example: NutriSystem dropping Lawrence Taylor as a spokesman.

Then I called Steiner Sports and purchased the two "Press Elevator" signs from Giants Stadium as a memento of my decade as our Giants beat reporter.

I was an active bidder in a recent auction for the "Media Room/Players Wives Lounge" sign, but when the top bid rose to $310 and the reserve price still hadn't been met, I bowed out gracefully.