Having gotten plenty of old-fashioned page views mileage out of Michael Kay's rant on 1050 ESPN directed at the Post's Phil Mushnick, I must link to Phil's response in the Monday paper.

Here it is.

I intentionally have avoided taking sides on this matter. But I will say this: 

Mushnick obviously is right that sports talk radio has spent the past 23 years shamelessly using information generated by print journalists to drive its debates and commentary - almost always without giving credit.

But it's also true that Kay - a former newspaperman - is much better than most talk radio people in crediting journalists.

As for the content of Kay's comments . . . again, I'm not taking sides. Mostly it was harmless, entertaining radio. But the line about people being happier when Mushnick dies than when Kay does crossed an unnecessary line.

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Can we all get along?