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Good Afternoon

NYers still seek SB tix

According to our friends at, the average asking price for a Super Bowl ticket fell from $5,082 Monday to $4,620 Tuesday (including seller fees), thanks to a vast increase in the supply on the secondary market.

Here is the weird nugget: 

The states with the five most Super Bowl searches, in order, were New York, Wisconsin, California, Illinois and Texas.

Wait . . . New York? Did some people not get the memo about Sunday's Jets loss?

There are several factors that likely went into this strange statistic.

1. New York is a big state, and has a lot of people in it who root for other NFL teams, whether because they came here from elsewhere or they just like the uniforms or something. Many of those people are Steelers and Packers fans.

2. The Super Bowl is a huge corporate schmoozing opportunity; many corporations are based in New York.

3. Some Jets fans who bought tickets in anticipation of their team making it surely have been keeping an eye on the secondary market to help assess how much they should be charging to unload their ducats. 

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