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Only three journalists left in XLVIII-Super Bowl Club

Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi smiles

Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi smiles in an undated photo. Credit: AP

When Edwin Pope, the venerable Miami Herald columnist, opted not to attend Super Bowl XLVIII - for reasons he did not disclose - it left three men in the club of those who have covered all 48 games:

Jerry Green, Jerry Izenberg and Dave Klein.

Green and Izenberg are retired from full-time work but write about the Super Bowl for their long-time newspaper homes - the Detroit News and Star-Ledger of Newark. Klein, also a former Star-Ledger reporter, writes for

What has changed the most since Super Bowl I? "Then the Super Bowl was for the fans," Klein said. "This is for the corporations and the networks."

Green, 85, said, "It's amazing. We’re survivors. Who works for the same place for 47, 48 years anymore?"

Izenberg lives in Nevada now and Green in California, but when he retired in 2004 it was with the understanding he would write for the paper one week a year - Super Bowl week.

"I say I was recalled to active duty," said Green, who does a weekly column for the paper's website.

Green said he was "exhilirated" attending Media Day Tuesday, one of many Super Bowl events that causes him to marvel at how far the spectacle has come since 1967.

"There were six, eight guys in Fred Williamson’s room in Long Beach; you can’t do that anymore," he said. "I had no idea when that happened what this game would become.

"I had no idea after the game when [Vince] Lombardi was flipping the football and trying not to gloat and obviously gloating that it would become this huge. In my mind back then baseball was the bigger sport and what the NFL wanted was a type of World Series to copy baseball."

Does Green hope to make it an even 50 in the San Francisco area two years from now? "I'm just trying to get to 48 right now," he said.

Three days left!

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