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Pat Tillman's story remembered in upcoming documentary

Just returned home from a late-night screening in Tribeca of "The Tillman Story," a documentary about Pat Tillman and the government's attempts to alter and/or cover up the true story of his death in Afghanistan in 2004.

Much of the ground recounted in the film has been covered extensively in the news media over the years, but for many who go to see the film when it opens nationally Aug. 20, this will be a revelation - and an introduction to Pat and his unusual, impressive family.

Powerful stuff.

The film includes interviews with his mother, father, widow and youngest brother, but his brother Kevin, who was there the day of his death, declined to speak on camera.

Bottom line: The military quickly discovered it had messed with the wrong family, because these are not company-line types.

During a post-screening Q&A with narrator Josh Brolin and producer John Battsek, Battsek said all of the family members were pleased with the film, including Kevin, and believe Pat would have liked it, too.

(UPDATE: To clarify, this was a one-time, limited invite screening added to the tail end of the Tribeca Festival. Also, the producer said it was important to the Tillman family that the film not be viewed in political terms, even though many will interpret it as an indictment of the Bush era military. The film does also take Congress to task, and tries to make larger points about the need Americans and the American news media have for easily understood narratives featuring good guys and bad guys.)

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