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Good Morning

Pepsi Porch is perfect perch

I never have had a problem with local baseball channels adding gimmicks to break the monotony of the 162-game schedule – particularly one that covers a team poised to unload one of its stars in recognition of being out of the playoff race.

Which is a long way of saying that SNY’s decision to have its announcers call Wednesday’s game from the Pepsi Porch at Citi Field was harmless fun.

Then it paid off in a big way when Angel Pagan’s game-winner in the 11th struck the façade just below where Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez were perched.

The moment turned the three veteran voices into giddy fans (and/or players) again, which was obvious in a great shot from behind in which Cohen could be seen cupping his hands in preparation to make a catch.

“I was ready; were you, Ronnie?’’ Hernandez said.

“I was ready,’’ Darling said. “Why not?’’ 

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