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Political issue dividing America: Joe West, right or wrong?

I have to write stuff for the newspaper now. I'll be back later with Masters ratings, but for now one more thought from over the weekend:

The fallout from Joe West ripping the Yankees and Red Sox last week for slow play has been interesting.

West mostly has been criticized by baseball journalists, and mostly has been applauded by non-baseball journalists.


Speaking of the fact the Yankees will play baseball for about 486 hours this regular season, it's about time YES belatedly joined other regional sports networks in having its reporter, Kimberly Jones, on during games rather than just before and after them.

People troubled by welcome in-game diversions such as her visit to the Rays Tank at the Trop Sunday really need to lighten up and calm down.

Petting one of those cute cownose rays probably would help. 

(That's not YES video above. Just some dude being pestered by his camera-toting wife to touch a ray against his will.)

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