Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Popular sports media blog pays off for popular sports media blogger

Congratulations to Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead for The Big Payday, well-earned.

Fellow sports bloggers should do nothing but rejoice - once they pick themselves up after fainting over the "low seven figures" reference.

I first encountered Jason back in 2007, when my blog was three months old, he still was anonmyous and both of our page views totals were on the rise. His still is. Mine, less so. (He interviewed me via email here in August of '07.)

After Deitsch revealed McIntyre's identity here in 2008, I had a nice talk with him at he "Blogs with Balls" convention in Manhattan last June.

Now this! It was one thing when NBC paid big bucks to acquire That's a blog about FOOTBALL.

While Jason's blog is about sports in general, it's point of emphasis is sports media, which clearly is a topic of more widespread interest than many give it credit for.

Another thing to keep in mind: While it's true that much of The Big Lead's material involves linking to content from other media outlets, McIntyre has done plenty of his own reporting, too. (Including interviews such as that ancient one with me above.)

Anyway, he has worked his tush off to make the site what it is, so good for him.

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