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Good Morning
SportsMedia better than nothing

I suppose I ought to say something about the pros and cons of, the only legally available live, online stream of the World Series for people who live in North America.

(Cablevision, which owns Newsday, has offered to reimburse its customers for the $10 fee for the service.)

First things first: It's way better than nothing. And given the fact it's now essentially free to Cablevision customers, it's certainly a good deal.

But it does take some getting used to. The service was designed as a supplement to the regular TV coverage, and thus offers viewers multiple camera angles, including up to four at once.

That's great as a novelty, but as a primary account of the game it requires viewers to serve as their own directors, switching cameras to piece together what is going on.

(It helps that the live Fox audio featuring Joe Buck and Tim McCarver is included.)

The best bet is to settle on one or two key angles, i.e. the centerfield camera, and stick with them to avoid dizziness.

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