Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Rangers/Flyers "24/7" is a wrap

I'm on Giants duty pretty much full time these days, but I would be remiss if I didn't offer a few words on HBO's "24/7" series on the Rangers and Flyers, which concluded Thursday night with scenes from Monday's NHL Winter Classic.

In short: I loved it! There were some slow spots over the four episodes, usually when the action focused too much on the ice and not enough off it.

But the show delivered with the requisite f-bombs, trash talk, humor and insights into the unique athletic creatures that are pro hockey players.

My favorite moment summed up the hockey culture as well as anything: Rangers star Marian Gaborik buying a Christmas tree for cash on the sidewalks of Manhattan, declining a receipt, then simply slinging it over his shoulder and walking it home.

Thursday night's finale was fun, too, especially the audio from the Winter Classic, including the Flyers deciding not to shake hands with the Rangers at the end of the spirited affair.

(Update: After a reader emailed that it appeared it was Torts who first told the Rangers there would be no hand-shaking, followed by the Flyers then deciding to leave (with one last f-bomb thrown in) it does appear that was the case. Still cool.)

Earlier in the show, Flyers coach Peter Laviolette was shown celebrating New Year's Eve with his extended family. Everyone posed for a picture, and instead of saying "cheese" they said in unison: "Rangers s---!"


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