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Ray Romano delivered a futon to Ron Darling on Oct. 18, 1986

Rough afternoon in the basement.

Tried juggling phone interviews AND Mike Francesa talking sex with Steve Phillips - who is doing a good job, by the way, at least compared to Tiger - AND Team USA spanking Finland.

See my Twitter feed for some mildly amusing comments about all of that.

One of my calls was from Ron Darling, who was nice enough to make an important correction to my story in Friday's paper about Ray Romano delivering a futon to him during the 1986 World Series.

It turns out the delivery came the day of Game 1, which Darling started, and not Game 6, as Romano recalled.

(This makes sense, because initially Romano thought the delivery was on a day Darling was scheduled to start, but he knew it had to be a Saturday, as that was delivery day. Game 1 fits both of those criteria.) 

"I had a small apartment and my family was in town and I needed a futon," Darling said.

The timing wasn't ideal. Darling said he left for the stadium three hours earlier than usual that day to avoid the bustle at home. "I just needed to get out of the house," he said.

(The Red Sox won, 1-0.)

Darling was pleased to hear Romano considered his $15 tip "very generous."

Said Darling: "That's like, what, $50 today? . . . I'm really happy. All the times I've left good tips were worth it for just that one."

Darling never has met Romano.

He knew about the futon beause he read Romano's story about it in a program for the 2000 World Series that included celebrities' Mets memories.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading.

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