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Relatives of Yankees, Red Sox recall rivalry on MLB Network

MLB Network's coverage of Friday night's Yankees-Red Sox game will be blacked out in New York and Boston, but the network has produced what sounds like a cool, three-minute open to the game coverage that it plans to show on its pregame show at 5 and 6 p.m. so those of us in those markets can check it out.

The idea was to ask  famly members of former Yankees and Red Sox to talk about the storied rivalry from their perspectives.

Here are some excerpts:

Gehrig Schilling (Curt's son) on the 2004 ALCS: “My dad is a pretty determined guy so we knew he was gonna end up pitching; we didn’t know if it was going to be with his right ankle or without.”

Casey Fisk (Carlton's son): “For my Dad, he always got more jacked up to play against the Yankees. He was intense anyway; he always brought it to the ballpark every day. But there was something bigger about playing the Yankees.”

Linda Ruth Tosetti (Babe's granddaughter): ““Within the Ruth family, the rivalry still exists just like every other family. And yes, because of Babe it’s in the blood and it’s very strong in the blood.”

Claudia Williams (Ted’s daughter): “In 1941, the greatest competition that was going on in baseball was between Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio. Joe DiMaggio would go on to win the MVP, but at the time dad thought it was great and he deserved the MVP because he had no idea at the time how significant .406 would become.”

Bob Boone (Aaron's father): “You get excited. It’s just like a dad watching a Little League game and your kid hits a home run.”

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