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Rex Ryan cuts back on f-bombs

Here is another one of my quickie "Hard Knocks" reviews from the paper.

I only get 15 minutes or so to crank them out, which sometimes leads to problems. As in when I called Antonio Cromartie "Warren Cromartie."

Fortunately veteran Newsday editor Jeff Weinberg caught that one.

I also believe I misunderstood Mark Sanchez when I thought he was angling for free breadsticks from a pizza place. It now appears he hoped for free Ranch dressing but was hit with a fee of 59 cents per. Sorry, Mark.

When I set an over/under of 3 for Rex Ryan f-bombs on Twitter, many of my tweeps said I was nuts and that the over was a no-brainer.

I guess I should have bet the house on the under. If I had, I wouldn't be writing this. I'd be retired to a life of leisure.

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