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Scattered Clouds 48° Good Morning

Rex Ryan's tummy is not as flat as Brooklyn Decker's

Random sports stuff for a snowy Wednesday:

Let me be the last person on the Internet to joke about this today: is rebranding as effective April 4, so can the Ocho be far behind?

Here are ESPN's Herman Edwards and Doug Gottlieb breaking down the video that has shocked and appalled the nation: Rex Ryan changing hockey jerseys in Raleigh Tuesday night and revealing, um . . . too much.

Speaking of Brooklyn Decker (see attention-grabbing headline above), skiing star Lindsey Vonn also appears in SI's Swimsuit Issue, and tells former Newsday scribe Tim Layden why here.

(This morning she told NBC's Matt Lauer she is injured. That's a problem.)

Darren (Roslyn) Rovell of CNBC premiered a documentary Tuesday on the business of the SI Swimsuit Issue, which is big business indeed. The closer I get to 50 the less worked up I get over the annual issue, but I have yet to call that number they offer if you don't want it delivered to your home.

According to Nielsen, the Doritos commercial in which two men are attacked for stealing someone's chips was seen by an estimated 116.2 million people Sunday, making it the most-watched ad in U.S. TV history.

The number was a function of it appearing at 9:30, during the Super Bowl's climax. But an earlier Nielsen study determined that even though viewership is higher late in a close game, people tend to have better recall of ads in the first quarter.

(The controversial Tim Tebow ad that appeared in the first quarter was the second least-viewed of the night.)

I visited the 1970s time capsule that is Nassau Coliseum Tuesday night to take in the Islanders game and visit with members of the Islanders' MSG Plus broadcast team.

Had an interesting conversation with analyst Butch Goring, who strongly advocated the NHL ditching the Olympics in 2014 and allowing the tournament to return to an amateur event. The beauty is that in this era the Russians would be actual amateurs, since their top players are in the NHL.

More about that visit in the coming days.

On the way home I was interviewed on ESPN Radio by former Newsday paper boy Brian (Levittown) Kenny about the Super Bowl broadcast. Then I listened to the end of the Knicks game on 1050 ESPN.

Analyst John Andariese's disgust at the home team's execution late in regulation and during overtime was classic.

"All the hard work you've had all game, then to just roll over and let guys run by you and put in layups . . . " he said amid questioning the team's playcalling, Nate Robinson's defense and Jared Jeffries' shot selection.

I would have written down or taped more of it, but I was driving a motor vehicle in a snowstorm at the time.

"This one hurts," Andariese said when it was over. "Maybe it's beyond hurt."

Speaking of 1050, the station is holding another in its "Lunch with a Legend" series, this time March 5 at the Palm with Bryan Trottier, who had a fair amount of success with the Islanders some time ago.

Register here for the chance to win a spot at the table w/No. 19.

Nice NYT story here catching up with LI's own Sarah Hughes eight years after she won the gold medal in Salt Lake City.  Her parents met at Cornell but she somehow strayed and ended up at Yale. Here is her Twitter feed.

Elsewhere in the Times, which will spend the next two weeks beating readers about the head with Olympics coverage, I found this paragraph interesting:

"If Canadians have an Olympic fantasy, it’s this,” said Gary Mason, a Vancouver-based columnist for The Globe and Mail. “We’re neck and neck in the medal count and it all comes down to the final event, men’s hockey. Canada and Russia are tied, 2-2, in the third, and Sidney Crosby knocks in the winning goal in overtime."

Just last night at the Islanders game I was talking to people about a similar Olympic hockey fantasy I have had, only it involved Ovechkin scoring in OT, not Crosby.

Forbes reports that snowboarder Shaun White earned $7.5 million from sponsors last year. Mike Francesa said on WFAN Tuesday that he does not consider snowboarding a sport and never has heard of White.

Enjoy the Olympics, everyone!

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