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Good Morning

Rex toes the line

New York Jets football coach Rex Ryan is

New York Jets football coach Rex Ryan is interviewed about his new book "Play Like You Mean It." in New York. (May 2, 2011) Credit: AP

Well, hello, there! I'm back from my little break.

Did I miss anything important? I assume Rex Ryan's book tour still is going on.

Speaking of which, Ryan's appearance on YES' "CenterStage" premieres after the Bosox-Bombers tilt Friday night.

Loyal readers might remember that last week I paraphrased a joke Ryan made during the taping of the show, the only time in a week full of dozens of interviews that he bit on the subject of the foot fetish videos that appeared to feature his wife.

Here is the exact transcript of the exchange:

Michael Kay: "Well, you end up recovering from that [regular-season loss to the Patriots] and you make the playoffs as a wild card. And then, you have got a lot of demons that you have to face. OK, Peyton Manning, who you say, 'It’s personal.' You end up beating him, and then it's the Patriots again."

Ryan: "Right."

Kay: "How much did you want that game? Would you have given a pinky toe for it?"

Ryan: "Probably so, you know. I would say something but…umm…not my wife’s, obviously."

Kay [after a long, loud laugh]: "You’re a funny guy."

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