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RIP, Giants Stadium

What will I remember most about Giants Stadium after my last game there Sunday?

I could tell you it was the games I witnessed, from Cosmos vs. China as a member of Northport High School's band to a historic NFC Championship Game blowout as a member of the working media.

Or I could tell you it was the famous men I spoke to over the years in the Giants' locker room, from Wellington Mara to George Young to Lawrence Taylor to Michael Strahan to Eli Manning.

But truth is, as with the athletes we cover, it is not the games that we sportswriters get most nostalgic about then they leave the job, or in this case when our old office is facing demolition.

It is the camaraderie that comes working, living and traveling, day in and day out, with colleagues who become friends - even, in the case of beat reporters, colleagues who technically are our most direct competitors.

(And, sometimes, public relations people, too.)

What will I think about most when I leave Giants Stadium?

The old, windowless, cinderblock press room, and the men and women with whom I was privileged to spend so many hours there.

Even Glauber, who lists his top 10 Giants Stadium moments here.

Photo: Newsday/Paul J. Bereswill (Those are some of Wellington Mara's grandchildren before the first game after his death in 2005.)

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