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Overcast 60° Good Afternoon

RIP, Giants Stadium

Good heavens! It's amazing how quickly Giants Stadium has come down.


Speaking of which, on the way home from Dover Sunday night I finally got to see the old Giants Stadium goalpost that Brad Benson has, um, erected outside his central New Jersey car dealership.

It looks to be about 40 feet tall.

Speaking of football stadiums. I'm sorry that in the grand scheme of PSL prices and talk of TV blackouts and the like, I'm having trouble getting worked up over the latest issue to come up in the new stadium wars:

The Jets' parking plan, in which there will be multiple levels of parking proximity.

Politi wrote about it in the Star-Ledger here, if you are interested in this topic.

I have to write a newspaper article now.

Enjoy the "Gossip Girl" season finale.


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