53° Good Morning
53° Good Morning

RIP, Uncle Leo

Obviously this is a difficult day, what with the death of Uncle Leo.

Glauber - correctly, alas - always remarked how much I looked like the guy, so I did feel a kinship.

Apparently I wasn't alone. As of Thursday morning, Uncle Leo was trending on Twitter in the U.S., Canada, Australia and worldwide.

On Google, Len Lesser (his name in the real world) was No. 2 on Google's Hot Searches, and Uncle Leo was No. 10.

In happier news, Wednesday night I went to see the hottest team in the NHL play in Newark, and enjoyed sushi and cookies in the Ice Lounge with several college friends.

The Rock is a fine example of the strange reality of modern stadiums and arenas. I had an excellent seat in the club section but only occupied it for about half the game . . . due to the sushi and cookies located behind me.

Before the hockey game I spent most of Wednesday getting my basement office under control in a desperate attempt to pass the time until it stops being mid-February.

I finally put away my Super Bowl media materials . . . Super Bowl XLII.

I tried to listen to sports talk radio for a while but had to give it up for the sake of my mental health.

Did I mention it's still mid-February?


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