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Ryan quoth the 2000 Ravens

Rex Ryan won his only Super Bowl ring as an assistant with the 2000 Ravens, an experience that likely also shaped his look-at-me approach to media relations.

“He learned this from the 2000 Ravens and Brian Billick,’’ said ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, quarterback of the Baltimore team that routed the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV.

Dilfer recalled that before the playoffs Billick entered a meeting “with a lot of bravado” and said words to this effect:

“I’m going take the burden off all you guys and I’m going to go to the media and be brash and bold and take the heat off you guys.’’

Said Dilfer: “Brian felt he could lighten the burden by taking the bullets, so to speak. I see Rex doing the same thing. So I think it’s very strategic.’’

Dilfer said his preference is more “Belichickian,’’ but he noted Billick’s way clearly worked.

"I give him a lot of credit with how he handled our personalities, allowed us to be who we are and ultimately won a championship,’’ Dilfer said.

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