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Schefter scores Shanahan scoops

ESPN's Adam Schefter has owned the Mike Shanahan-to-the-Redskins story, which comes as no surprise given the men's long, close professional relationship, including writing a book together.

I could be a purist prude and point out the ethical issues raised by Schefter being a former business partner of Shanahan who since has reported on him both as a newspaper beat reporter in Denver and now as a national television figure.

But that ship sailed long ago.

It's become standard procedure for reporters to write books with people they cover or to work for channels owned by entities they cover, etc.

Bottom line: Schefter had the information and shared it with viewers. Nothing wrong with that.

He should be careful about going beyond that, though, as in when he said on the late SportsCenter that Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen were good choices for moving the Redskins in a more successful direction.


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