Here is a transcript of the portion of Steve Somers' interview with Jerry Seinfeld on WFAN Tuesday night that concerned Lady Gaga.

(It must be noted that it was not 100 percent clear how serious Seinfeld was, with Somers laughing in the background much of the time as he spoke.)

Somers: "What are your impressions of her showing up at Citi Field?"

Seinfeld: "I wish her the best. You know, you take an 'a' off of that and you've got 'gag.'

"I don't know what these young people think or how they promote their careers. I'm older. I'm 56. I look at Lady Gaga the way Keith Hernandez watches these kids when they pull the pocket out. They wear the inside-out pocket. Do you think he could understand that? He can't understand that. That's a new game. That's kids."

Somers: "This is not a new game. I call it the unstoppable publicity machine, and it really is a takeoff of Madonna. This is sort of like Madonna, The Next Generation."

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Seinfeld: "I'm not one of these 'all publicity is good' people. People talk about you need exposure. You could die of exposure. I don't understand how this is good for her, but I'm sure she understands her milieu better than I ever could."

Somers: "For taking her picture at Citi Field she was with the middle finger with the photographers. For taking her picture. Then, they don't escort her out of Citi Field, they escort her to your luxury box!"

Seinfeld: "You know, I changed my mind. You're right. This woman's a jerk. I hate her. I can't believe they put her in my box, which I paid for. You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we're living in now?"

Somers: "Obviously you were not there. It was like a holding cell."

Seinfeld: "It's pathetic."


Somers: "Did you know about it?"

Seinfeld: "No. How would I know anything? I wasn't even there."

Somers: "So nobody was in the box, and they put her in and they don't take her out."

Seinfeld: "I came for the night game and heard all about it. That was a doubleheader that day, remember? Oh, she's a jerk. Why is she giving the finger? Speaking of interesting and new, how old is the finger?

"How did it even get to be the finger?"

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Somers: "It reminds me of Jack McDowell. He did it as a Yankee to the crowd. John Starks did it to the crowd. We have seen Rex Ryan, the coach of the Jets, do it to a group of Miami Dolphin fans in south Florida."

Seinfeld: "Well, somewhere along the line everybody decided that this finger is very bad to show. Now the thumbs up is the good finger, right?"

Somers: "And the index finger."

Seinfeld: "Right. So you're really one finger from a compliment, the way I see it. But get an act. Rhinestone bikinis and giving people the finger. She is talented. I don't know why she's doing this stuff."

Somers: "Why do you think?"

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Seinfeld: "I don't know. I don't care."

Somers: "Then she goes to Yankee Stadium and gets in the clubhouse."

Seinfeld: "Oh, please. Wake me when it's over."

Somers: "OK, you've had enough of her."

Seinfeld: "Yeah."

Somers: "OK."