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Shaq, Kerr weigh in on Linsanity

Turner Sports had a conference call Tuesday to discuss its coverage of the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, and to discuss other NBA matters.

I called in to ask analysts Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Kerr and Steve Smith about . . . well, do I really need to say?

Apparently I wasn’t alone. The first non-Linsanity question didn’t come along until about 20 minutes in.

Anyway, the analysts had some interesting things to say about how Jeremy Lin might work with Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony as they return to the lineup.

Like pretty much everyone else, they’re not worried about Stoudemire.

Said Shaq: “Jeremy Lin has the ability to make the Steve Nash-type bounce pass Amar’e was accustomed to getting in Phoenix."

Like pretty much everyone else, they are worried about Anthony.

Said Shaq: “In Mike [D’Antoni’s] offense the ball needs to be moving at all times . . . If Carmelo was smart he would just go along with the system, get to his spot and take his shot.’’

Kerr and Smith said the Knicks might have to experiment with Stoudemire at center and Anthony at power forward, because having both Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler head for the basket awaiting Lin’s feeds could lead to traffic jams.

“Tyson Chandler has been a monster, because he’s the one rolling to the rim and scoring big,’’ Kerr said. “Now you throw Amar’e in and you have two guys who want to roll.’’

Executive producer Jeff Behnke said TNT will look to add some Knicks games down the stretch.

More on Linsanity:

Kerr: “What’s happened with Jeremy Lin the last five games is just stunning . . . I think we’re all in amazement at what we’re seeing, and it’s definitely made for an incredible story line given that he’s breathed life back into that franchise where Carmelo Anthony couldn’t . . . It’s a crazy story, but it’s fantastic . . . It comes down to where Carmelo and Amar’e are capable of adapting and maybe taking on lesser roles. That’s not something they’re accustomed to, but they may have to.’’

Shaq: “He has taken New York by storm. He is an NBA sensation. It’s one of those great Rocky-style stories . . . Jeremy Lin has become a sensation, but he’s not doing it forcefully. He’s keeping everybody involved, like a true point guard, and has taken what the defense has given him in . . . He’s sort of like a young Steve Nash.’’


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